Kozmetika Mirjana

The cosmetic company MIRJANA was founded in 1945, under the name SLAVIJA COSMETICS. Since 1980, the company is known under its current name. In 1949, Slavija Cosmetics introduced face cream NARCIS, and face cream LALA in 1950, products that are still present in the market. The company developed their first lipstick formula in that same period, while the complete line of decorative cosmetics was launched after years of research and testing of new ingredients, under the name of Don Juan.

PRODUCT QUALITY demands special attention, therefore, all employers have the obligation and the responsibility to prioritize achieving high-level quality in every segment of the developing process, by selecting the best natural ingredients, implementing modern manufacturing techniques and well prepared marketing strategy.
CUSTOMER DEMANDS AND NEEDS represent our guide to creating new products and following new trends.
SELECTION OF OUR EXPERTS AND THEIR CONSTANT LEARNING provide progress inovation of our company. Right now, the second generation of experts is leading the company and the third is about to join them. The fact that 80% of our employees spend their whole working period in our company
represent the best our care for them.
OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS, loyal buyers and suppliers have the special treatment and we are dedicated to further developing and improving our partnerships.